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Solutions Optimized for Excellent Borrower Experiences
Delight Your Borrowers
Eliminate headaches, vaporize paperwork and create delightful experiences for your borrowers.
Optimize Your Origination Process
Improve your overall mortgage origination efficiency statistics by reducing the time to close, increasing borrower NPS and reduce lag times for insurance verification and approvals.
Improve Your Mortage Economics
Our regulatorily compliant program allows you to directly monetize your flow of borrowers.
A Beautiful Borrower Experience
Turnkey Solution
Designed to be plug-and-play.
Lender Dashboard
EOI and status update for each borrower.
Borrower Service Portal
Engineered to eliminate insurance headaches.
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Built With Your Borrowers In Mind
Zinc's automated borrower matching engine digitally integrates with insurance carriers across the country to present a menu of options tailored to each borrower's mortgage requirements.
Zinc handles all of the nitty gritty of completing the homeowners insurance binding process, ensuring coverage aligns with lender required rules while also handling all mortgagee clause and named insured additions - all digitally and instantaneously.
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