Survive And Thrive In A Competitive World
Solutions For Retailers, Dealers, Merchants and Clinics
Generate New Revenue
Add a new income stream. Increase your business’s net profit margin by up to 11%.
Delight Your Customers
Reducing paperwork and providing a value added service puts you in good favor. Improve your NPS by up to 15 points.
Improve Retention
Better experiences, reimbursement flow and claims portal traffic can help improve your retention by up to 21%.
Covered from Top to Bottom
Turnkey Solution
Ready to go out of the box.
Partner Dashboard
Watch as you make more money daily.
Branded Claims Platform
We do the work, you get the credit. Repurchase orders directed back to you.
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Built With Your Customers In Mind
Zinc’s patent pending technology delivers deep integrations directly from our network of insurance carrier partners to your platform.
We match every customer and item to the best carrier partner in real-time and administer the entire process pre and post-sale via our proprietary digital infrastructure.
Built to Empower Your Brand
Lightweight Integration
Subtle and simple placement. Designed to prevent a noisy checkout experience.
Beautiful the Way You Are
Our integration is completely branded in your UI/UX. Consumers experience your brand just the way you want them to.
You’re the Star of the Show
We never direct your customers elsewhere. Your site is exactly where they need to be.
Powering Cross Sell Programs
for Leading Merchants
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