Expanded Margins. Delighted Customers. Improved Retention.
A digital suite of onsite and online solutions to enable a consumer-friendly insurance cross-selling program.
Powerful Integration Tools to For Online & Mobile
Robust suite of API and commerce layer plugins for seamless integration
Beautifully Engineered Kiosks For Onsite
All-in-one packaged kiosks designed to make life easy for your staff and to power an amazing experience for your consumers
Digital Experiences You Can Adore, Coverage You Can Trust
Backed by Trupanion, America's leading pet health insurance provider, delivered by Zinc
Engineered To Create Smiles In The Waiting Room
Increase the percentage of patient pets that are insured. Modern kiosk and integration solutions that allow your cusumers to get covered while they wait
Tailor Made Cross-Selling Solutions For
Grooming Centers, Supply Stores & Breeding Kennels
Transparent & Compliant
Co-Branded Look & Feel
Digital Infrastructure For Web & Mobile
Use the Pet by Zinc API to integrate insurance options into your web or mobile experience
End-to-End Solutions for
Employee Benefits, Vet Financing & Vet Group Purchasing Platforms
Payroll Deduction Modules
Embedded Payment Gateways
Co-Branded Integrations
Pet Services Providers Across The Country
Love Trupanion Powered by Zinc
Yomaira Animal Care
“Getting animals insured is critical for us to do our best work as vets.”
Germanton Groomers
“Offering a service of value onsite makes us a destination for pet owners.”
First Pet Supply
“Retailing is tough. We have to go above and beyond to succeed. Zinc helps us do that.”
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