Crafted to energize your lending process
A plug-and-play solution to get you one step closer to a perfect borrower experience.
Powerful Integration Tools For Modern Lenders
Off-the-shelf integrations into MOS, LOS and CRM suites. For the digitally forward, use our beautifully archetyped API solutions.
Tailored to Fit Your Specific Needs
Service mostly commercial buyers? More refinances than purchases? Zinc is made to augment the borrowing experience of any lender.
Elegantly Designed to Empower Your Brand
Backed by Enterprise Security & Support
Transparent & Compliant
Co-Branded Look & Feel
Safe & Secure
24/7 Support
Complete Automation Tailored to Support the Modern Closing Specialist
Automated Receipts of COI/EOI
Reduce the headache of playing phone tag with your customers.
Configure Policy Requirement Settings
Meet your unique underwriting requirements.
Automated Borrower Reminders
Make sure your borrowers complete the process in time.
Instant Borrower Applications
Fully digital process optimized for borrower experience.
Hybrid and Native Solutions to Fit The Needs of Any Lender
Light Integration - Hosted Solution
Deep Integration - Native Solution
Weave Insurance Data into Your Borrower Portals
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